Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil

Greenville Agro Corporation is a manufacturer of the Crude Coconut Oil, RBD Coconut Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Fiber, and Coconut Peat.

The company is the Philippine’s No. 1 source of the “Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil” and has been directly and indirectly with research made on the benefits of the Virgin Coconut Oil.

Our “Organic Certified” Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
• Is made from Certified Organic Coconuts
• Containes Antibacterial, Antiviral, Anti-fungal Properties
• Abundant in Medium Chain Fatty Acids
• May help to Improve HDL and LDL Cholesterol Ratioest
• Shown to Support Healthy Thyroid Function
• May Help to Promote Proper Weight Management
• Helps to Reduce Hypoglycemic Cravings
• May Improve Symptoms of Digestive Disorders
• Known to Promote Smooth & Supple Skin
• Can Withstand Wide Heat Ranges Without Oxidation
• Has Delicious Coconut Flavor and Aroma

Greenville Agro Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is available in different PET Bottles, HDPE Bottles, Glass Bottles, and in bulk.

Certified by USDA NOP, EU 2092/91 and JAS Certified by USDA NOP EU 2092/91 and JAS